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My clients arrive with a variety of issues and concerns. However, what most have in common is a need for a better understanding of what led them to the place they currently stand. As a therapist, my goal is to assist my clients as they look to their past, present, and future to examine causes, barriers, and relationships that are affecting where they want to be as opposed to where they are currently. Breaking generational, environmental, and societal curses assist with change. Recognizing this isn't about fault or blame but recovery. I want to assist you as you walk toward the best and most effective self you can be. 

My goal is to offer a safe and warm environment that will allow you to feel recognized as a person that deserves to be seen, heard, and respected. This is your time of thought and discovery.

I realize reaching out for assistance and meeting your own needs can be extremely difficult. However, I encourage you to reach out so we can begin the work. You may not even recognize what you need at this time. We can, however, begin the journey of discovery and address your current needs and emotions. I look forward to meeting you.

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Bridgitte Green AMFT, MA, M.Ed, 129568

SarahProemsey, LPCC 4086 Supervisor

Colleen Lam Nguyen, LMFT 93375

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